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Issue 8 - 13 November 2020
The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on remittance families and markets:
Must-read articles and events 
With more than 50 million confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide, hopes soared this week following news that some vaccines were 90% effective in protecting people from transmission of the virus in global trials (1-2). While in the short term the situation is expected to remain critical for many countries, hundreds of millions of migrants continue to send remittances to their loved ones in their home countries through all available means and channels.
The Remittance Community Task Force (RCTF) keeps monitoring the vast online coverage to help you understand the effects of the pandemic on remittance families and markets.

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Populations at risk: Implications of COVID-19 for hunger, migration and displacement
By IOM and WFP
Knowledge remittances: Does emigration foster innovation?
By Science Direct
Digital drives the remittances rebound (of Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria)
By FXCintelligence
Australia: Sending money home during the coronavirus pandemic can feel impossible, but there are ways to make it easier
By ABC Net
Canada: CERB, extra hours and bottle returns: supporting overseas family during the pandemic
Cubans lose access to vital dollar remittances after latest US sanctions
By The Guardian
Ethiopia: Can focused policy reforms help bring back remittances?
By FinDevGateway
Latin America: Has the pandemic reduced U.S. remittances going to Latin America?
By Liberty Street Economics
Nepal: Mount Everest Empties as Covid-19 Strikes Tourism in Nepal. The country’s economy has taken a blow from a lack of climbers and a plunge in remittances
By The New York Times
Nepal: CMIR weekly newsletter
By Center for Migration & International Relation 
Sri Lanka: Impact of COVID-19 on Migrants, Migration Flows and Remittances: Focus on South and South East Asia
IPS Sri Lanka
The Pacific remittances boom: it’s for real
By DevPolicy
Venezuela announces inclusion of Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets in its national remittances platform
By NewsGram
Vietnam: Remittances to fall for first time in 11 years
By VNExpress
eGFRID series: “Remittances in times of crisis: Response, Recovery and Resilience”. Dialogues to implementation
By The Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development 
Online, date and registration link available soon
IMTC World 2020 - The Largest Money Transfer Conference
Online 16-19 November 
Remittances in the context of the COVID-19 crisis: Leveraging ppportunities presented by digitisation and fintech solutions
By International Centre for Migration Policy Development
Online,25 November
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