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Issue 5 - 7 September 2020
The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on remittance families and markets:
Must-read articles 
Recent data on remittance flows in some corridors signal their countercyclical nature and demonstrate once again the high level of resilience of migrant workers and diasporas. Although recent job losses and lockdown measures have restricted access to income, migrant workers and members of the diaspora from countries like Bangladesh, Guatemala, Mexico and Nepal have continued to send money home or resumed transfers, sometimes of even larger amounts than average.

This phenomenon has already occurred during past crises, with migrants sending part of their savings to cover family´s basic needs back home. Furthermore, diaspora members who usually do not send money tend to do so during crises.

A vast array of websites and media outlets are contributing to the online coverage related to remittance families and markets in sending and receiving countries. The Remittance Community Taskforce (RCTF) keeps monitoring the most relevant sources with the aim to help you navigate the flow of information.

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Bangladesh - Remittance inflows hit record, but decline from top countries raises concern
By Dhaka Tribune
For the first time, remittances to Guatemala have surpassed US$1 billion in one month. What does this mean?
By El Faro

Remittances to Mexico hit third highest level on record in July
By Reuters
Defying predictions, Nepal’s remittances still high
By Inter Press Service
Pandemic’s effect on remittances to Latin America varied
By The Washignton Post
MFS Africa drives cheaper African remittances with PaySii
By The Fintech Times

Remittance fintechs meet the COVID moment
By ImpactAlpha

Remitly doubles mobile wallet offerings and global consumer reach amid COVID-19 pandemic
By The Baytown Sun

BigPay sees a 469% spike in remittance transaction volume
By Fintech News Malaysia
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